CD Ordering

Sound Clips of our new CD can be found on our Music page (see above). You may order the CD right here!

The price of a CD is 10 Euro plus applicable COD charges. Sorry, we cannot ship outside the EC at this time.

To order, simply send an email (Subject: CD Order). You find our email address on the Contact page.

Please include the following text in your email: "I am hereby odering the CD "Peepmatz" for the price of 10 Euro plus applicable COD charges". Don't forget to include your complete mailing address.

Songs on the CD:

Tach Herr Chef 2:39(Simon/Widmann)
Have A Heart 4:36(Bonnie Hayes)
Annamelle 1:33(trad.)
Faith 2:13(George Michael)
Suaheli 2:25(unknown)
Don't Be Sad 4:15(James Taylor)
Arsch 2:34(Simon/Widmann)
Takes My Breath Away 4:14(Patti Cathcart)
Fritz The Cat 2:50(Gregor Neaga)
For The Longest Time 2:44(Billy Joel)

Vocals: Ann-Kathrin Berens, Micki Gebhard, Natalie Spelge. Guitar: Gregor Neaga. Percussion: Micki Gebhard. All arrangements by peepmatz. Mike "Paveman" Walter plays bass on "Faith". Produced, recorded and mixed by Mike "Paveman" Walter. Photography: Georg Krause. Cover Design: Gregor Neaga. Thanks to Ralf Mauch for inspiration and help.

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