The Ensemble

Songs with swing, tunes with fun, and wacky numbers - that's what the program promises. Peepmatz offers their very own, individual interpretations of international pop, German singer-songwriter repertoire, even ethnic songs. There are tunes from a variety of well-known sources, including James Taylor, Hubert von Goisern's Alpinkatzen, George Michael, up to Queen und Michael Jackson. Just about anything, mostly in combination with guitar, some of it without accompaniment - a capella and con capella. But no matter what's being covered, Peepmatz makes every tune unmistakably their own.

The quartet bewitches and fascinates you with highly original arangements, considerable vocal skills, sensitive and sophisticated presentation. They spice up their show with wit, a good deal of humor, and stand-up comedy.

The musical collaboration of Ann-Kathrin and Natalie started 12 years ago. One day the happy-go-lucky schoolgirls unexpectedly ended up among the winners of a major radio station's amateur song contest. That fuelled their play and turned it into a serious project. Through the years, it became a mature, polished act.

The result is worth listening to. Peepmatz presents their program in somnabulistic ease, yet always with artless charm. You'll get to enjoy burlesque entertainment by an ensemble with fascinating charisma, a fireworks of melodic tidbits - musical fun and games.

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