The Music

A key feature of Peepmatz is their variety. They present the program in changing formations: Quartet, A Capella Trio, and Trio With Guitar

MP3 Music Samples

The following sound clips are part of our new CD. The tunes aren't offered here at full length, but our CD is available for you to order (see CD Ordering page).

(Quartet) (Quartet)
(A Capella Trio) (Quartet)

The Quartet

With Micki, Natalie, Gregor and Anka. This is the main cast, sugar, spice, and all. Most of the program is presented this way.

A Capella Trio

With Micki, Natalie, and Anka. A good part of the program consists of particularly charming a capella tunes. You may hire the a capella formation for small events, like family celebrations.

Trio with Guitar

With Natalie, Anka, und Gregor. As a trio, Peepmatz can still present a large repertoire, suitable for private occasions.

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